Eating for charity at Happietaria

4 March 2016

Kleyn Vans is proud to announce their partnership with Dutch charity “Happietaria”. Happietaria are pop-up restaurants where the profits of the restaurant go to developing countries that live in poverty. The tips in the restaurants also go this cause.

For their restaurant in Nijmegen, Happietaria needed a van for all their logistical challenges. Because Kleyn Vans is a strong supporter of entrepeneurship and economic sustainability, we were happy to help them out by sponsoring a van.

As of this date, the restaurant has been running for nearly one month now and is currently attracting many happy customers, while generating money for their cause.

Kleyn Vans wishes Happietaria a lot of luck, and we encourage you to visit Happietaria when you’re near Nijmegen. You can find more info and the location of Happietaria Nijmegen here.