Had enough of getting stuck in the mud?

15 July 2016

Kleyn does not only have Trucks with wheels for sale. Recently we sold a very special truck: A Volvo BM BV202 caterpillar. Strictly speaking, even two caterpillars, the second one being a small tractor and trailer, which can transport people as well as cargo.


The BV202 was developed by Bolinder-Munktell for the Swedish army. When the model was first released in 1961, the company was already fully integrated in the Volvo concern, hence the brand name Volvo BM.


Although it was specifically developed for the Swiss army, mainly for driving in the snow, it also was sold in other countries. If you serve in the military of Canada, Finland, Great-Britain, The Netherlands, Norway or Czechoslovakia, you could find yourself driving a BV. In the civil sector they are a welcome sight and used, for
example for polar expeditions. A Murmansk company bought 27 trucks from the Norwegian army for tourist transport.


Beneath the pretty nose hides a Volvo B18 engine. Of course we know that engine from the Volvo passenger car, from the same period. You can also find the B18 under the hoods of the Volvo PV544 (catback), P210 (duett), 120 (amazon), 140 series and even in the elegant P1800 sportscar.


The BV202 has less impact weight than an adult man on skis and is fully amphibious. So the terrain has to get really crazy for this special vehicle to not be able to go there.


Since 1981 the BV202’s successor is the Hägglunds BV206. It also is in the Dutch army. It doesn’t have the cute nose anymore, but in exchange there is more room in the driver’s cabin.


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