Kleyn: proud sponsor of the Noordkaap Challenge

12 January 2016

Our colleague Joyce participated in the ‘Noordkaap Challenge 2015’. Together with a friend, she formed the ‘Dutch Rebels’. The start of this race took place in the very early morning of Wednesday, December 9th in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Despite weeks of preparation, you can’t rule out car troubles. As faith would have it, the engine overheated when the duo was near Apeldoorn, which was only 60 kilometres further down the route. They visited a garage and the problem seemed to be fixed with a new thermostat. However, just a few kilometers after they crossed the border with Germany, the car started to have problems again. The headgasket turned out to have blown.

After these setbacks, the couple drove back to Kleyn in Vuren.

When they arrived, the brave men at Kleyn Services prepared and winterproofed another cars within hours, enabling the ladies to resume their race, a day and a half after the start. With their new vehicle, they had to make up 2300 kilometres to their competitors.

Switching seats a lot, driving through the night and a lot of coffee helped them to catch up with the other teams eventually. The name ‘challenge’ turned out to be rightly chosen however because weather conditions were even more extreme than usual. The circumstances were even so bad at times that the North Cape itself was closed.

Because of these conditions, many teams weren’t able to reach the finish in Heerlen. Through perseverence and some excellent driving, the ladies managed to reach the North Cape, and the finish in Heerlen.

Together with the other teams, the Dutch Rebels managed to gather €110.000 for the Red Cross.