Kleyn Trucks: Proud sponsor of Oxfam Novib

9 February 2016

The Kleyn Group supports a number of charities from 2016 onward. For Kleyn Trucks, we partnered up with Oxfam Novib. An internationally renown organization that is committed to mobilize the power of people against poverty.

One platform to help achieve this are the business ambassadors. These are companies which support the same cause as Oxfam Novib does, and are able to help out small upstarts through knowledge, expertise and assets.

Because Kleyn Trucks sells to over 150 countries on a yearly basis, we know international business well and we wholly support Oxfam Novib’s cause. Learn more about business ambassadors here.

Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib is the Dutch affiliate of the Oxfam organization which operates worldwide and consists of 17 development organizations. They offer support, help rebuilding of crisis areas and execute campaigns. Their main goal is to fight for a world where poverty doesn’t exist.

Kleyn Trucks

Kleyn Trucks is one of the largest independent traders in used commercial vehicles worldwide. You can choose from a stock of 1,200 used trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers and trailers. Thanks to our worldwide sales and purchase network, 150 vehicles are added to our stock every week. Our range includes all European brands, model years and price categories.