Kleyn Vans – Proud sponsor of Villa Pardoes

26 January 2016

Kleyn Vans is proud to announce their partnership with Villa Pardoes. A partnership which is fully in line with the aim of Kleyn to become an even more socially sustainable company. During our partnership we are promoting the good cause of Villa Pardoes. In doing so, we will include the Villa Pardoes logo on all Kleyn Vans company vehicles and in mailings, give away Villa Pardoes gifts with the delivery of every vehicle and place a ReShare clothing container at the Kleyn premises.

About Villa Pardoes

Villa Pardoes is a charity which offers vacations to families with children with serious, possibly life-threatening diseases in the ages of 4 to 12. Because these diseases are not only taxing for the children themselves, but also to their brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents, a vacation like this offers them a week of relaxation in which everything is taken care of. Villa Pardoes exists through the efforts of sponsors and volunteers. For more information, visit www.villapardoes.nl.

About Kleyn Vans

Kleyn Vans is one of the biggest traders of second-hand commercial vehicles in the Benelux area. We sell all makes and models of vehicles, with 60 new vehicles coming in every week, we always have a van in stock which meets your demands. In 2015, Kleyn Vans sold vehicles to 150 countries.