The lives of a Terberg F1450

4 October 2016

At this moment we have a very special truck for sale at Kleyn Trucks, a Terberg F1450 with Effer 58N 3S crane. Terberg still builds many different things like terminal tractors and forklifts, but in the past they also built their own truck. Most of them were dumptrucks, with REO, Mercedes and later Volvo parts, but they also made a few specials. One of them is this platform truck with large Effer 58N 3S crane. The cab comes from a Volvo F12, engine is als Volvo, a TD122FL.
The truck only had dutch owners. It started its live in 1993 with Van Noort, a bit less then a decade ago it was sold to De Boer Infra and now it is with us in Vuren. Many thanks to Arnold ‘the Terbergman’ van Varik for the old pictures. More info about the truck and its crane? Click here.131725-f1450-terberg 131728-f1450-terberg 131729-f1450-terberg 131731-f1450-terberg 131732-f1450-terberg 131733-f1450-terberg 131734-f1450-terberg

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