Kleyn Service, more than you expect

2 February 2015

Since we are one of the bigger European truck, trailer and vans traders in the world we try to be unique and bring you some more added value than you would expect from us.  After all our motto is: YOUR RIDE, OUR DRIVE!

Some of our services are

  • Inspections and repairs (TUV certified)
  • Financial advice and support
  • Quick arrangement of registration plates
  • Arrangement of all paperwork within hours
  • Preparing for stacking and transport
  • Arranging transport and shipment
Striving to that impeccable service is one of the main pillars and gives us the opportunity to successfully compete in an international market. It guarantees that our customers always have a near perfect experience and our business partners can always build on us.

Our client reviews tell us that they are not buying a truck. They are buying a ‘Kleyn’ truck.  See some of our latest reviews. Need a truck, trailer, van or our service? Don’t hesitate and call +31 (0)183 668 222.