To Morocco with Kleyn and Rainbow

23 April 2017

The Kleyn Group is proud sponsor of the Rainbow Truck Team, the rallyteam of drivers Gerrit van Werven and Gerrit Zuurmond. Last week the team competed with two trucks (an ex Bekx DAF/GINAF and the MAN what was used by Hans Stacey to pick the victory in the last African Dakar Rally) in the Morocco Desert Challenge. A few days, the team was a bit bigger, 20 sponsors and wives of team-members went on a VIP-trip, lead by former Dakar competitor Simon Koetsier. The group followed the trail of the rally. The Kleyn Group sent two represants: Nick Schiphorst of, who won the christmas-lottery. I (Alex Miedema) was also there, to make a report. The report that follows here.

The start was at De Jong Zuurmond in Beesd (NL), where GINAF and MAN are parked next to each other, just like at the team in the rally.

The car rental company ‘forgot’ to tank the cars…

Still going strong.

Not going so strong anymore…

High load.

Nice picnic-spot.

Loading by hand.

A week before there was snow, but with +40 degrees Celsius this is a weird sight.

The endless Sahara.

Nice load.

Gerrit van Werven is greeted by his Tineke at the finish.


Sleeping in the bivouac.

Servicecrew is coming.

Bivouac by night.

Not everybody has the same comfort.

This (and last) years winner, Martin van den Brink in his Renault Sherpa.

Fons Jans is checking the dunes by foot, before entering them (for the first time) with his Hamer-truck.

The Rainbow trucks can adjust the tyre-pressure form the cab, but most ‘Jeeps’ have to deflate by hand before entering the dunes.


Nice stickers 😉

Suddenly a wild Nick appears.

Jasper Riezebos changed his wooden shoes for raceshoes.

After a crash the door didn’t open anymore.

Cow on the roof.

Results of Morocco Desert Challenge 2017 in the truck class:
1 Van den Brink
2 Huzink
3 Jacinto
4 Bouwens
5 Verheyden
6 De Groot
7 Van Velsen
8 Van Werven
9 Timmermans
10 Zuurmond
11 Voerman
12 Van Kasteren
13 Den Hartigh
14 Jans
15 Stroo