Pimping a Scania V8

25 June 2015

Every Truck driver spends a huge amount of hours in his or her truck. It is no surprise then that you’d want to make your cabin a place that you could call your own!

A customer from the Faroe Islands took delivery of a mighty Scania V8. This truck is in itself already impressive enough, with its huge amounts of power and distinctive sound. But this customer wanted to take it a step further and make this Scania really his own. With the help of 3rd parties, the truck got a completely new paintjob and fully remade interior. Check out the pictures!

The paintjob is a custom orange which –incidentally- resembles the orange colors Kleyn uses. It fits this truck very well indeed! The grille gets a makeover as well, with a big Silver-colored V painted making its way to the top. The interior has been redone with full red and beige leather decorations. We especially like the way the Scania logo is embossed in the leather. Other touches include the dual straight exhausts, the dual air horns and the integrated LED’s above the cabin.

Make sure to turn up your speakers to listen to that awesome V8 sound in the next video!