Why is a Kleyn Truck a better truck?

14 April 2015

Have you ever wondered what to look out for when buying a used truck? Because Kleyn Trucks exists since 1919,  we have a great deal of experience in buying and selling of used trucks. Experience we’ll gladly share with you. Here are some small tips of what to look out for when you have found a truck that suits your needs.

  1. Ask as many questions as you can! (Our salesmen will tell you all about the state of this vehicle but a private seller can tend to leave some info out.)
  2. Check all the damages and ask if there were any earlier damages which are repaired.
  3. Check if all the waver points are in OK condition.
  4. Check if there are any (hidden) leakages.
  5. Ask how long the vehicles has been for sale.
  6. Check for rust on frames, axles and surfaces.
  7. Is the price right and in accordance with the state of the truck?
  8. Take into account what kind of party you’re dealing with; private seller, brand dealer, small trader or large trader. Every seller has its pros and cons.

Make sure to check out this video too, from Jan Groeneveld, who has been a Kleyn Salesman for more than 20 years. He’ll demonstrate why he thinks a Kleyn Trucks is a better truck!